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This is a big and complicated issue, but let us try and boil it down.  The Brand is the human attributes of a non-human entity.  The Identity is the sensory elements which help you make a human/emotional connection.  The Logo is a symbol which represents the identity, and in turn, the brand.

Good logos convey the core principles of an organization and what that organization does. At Pelican Design Group we create ideas with our clients while following principles and guidelines of good, sound logo design. Which will provide your business with the solid foundation needed when developing your overall business marketing plan.

It’s not easy to design such a crucial and complex component, which is the face of your business and needs to be so much more than just “looking good.” Your logo is possibly the most important element of your marketing strategy, so it is imperative that you have one that is professionally designed. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

The design experts at Pelican Design Group work to determine the specific elements that your logo will need to appeal to your target audience. It’s our job to take the ideas and concepts that represent your brand and to incorporate it into a well-designed logo that stands out.

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